Sunday, August 31, 2008

ewah cakpong..cakpong!

Kota sarat disimpan tempayan

Zahir berlian di sunyi hari

Harta rakyat dijadikan taruhan

Akhir kebencian menjadi api.

Gula dan santan diuli roti

Kelapa diparut dimakan sama

Bila kebencian menjadi api

Apa dihasut ditelan semua.

Anak singa di Pulau Teberau

Anak tebuan seekor lari

Jika negara sudah kacau


Pergilah mandi di Titi Tinggi

Jalan tersepak tali pencuci

Carilah ganti berbudi tinggi


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i copied this from Aug's edition of Readers Digest, klakar siut, pelik kucing aku tgk aku tgelak2 pagi2 bute..

  1. Dany cant figure out what to get his girl for her birthday. "oh", she says, "just take me somewhere expensive", so he drops her off at the PATROL STATION.
  2. looking down the stairs at a football game, a fan spotted am empty seat near the pitch, He ask the man sitting next to it if the seats are taken. "no", he replied, "i used to take my wife to all the games, but ever since she passed away, I've gone alone." "why don't you invite along your friends", the fan ask......."i cant, they're all at the funeral."
  3. mat zali refuses to get out of bed. " i cant go to school, the kids make fun of me, the teachers hate me, and i have to work so much!"..."mat zali, you have to go to school", her mother says, "You are the principal".
  4. while speeding down a winding mountain road, a man has to swerve to avoid a woman who comes flying round the corner. as she passes him, she leans out the window and screams "PIG!". astonished, the man turns his his head back and shouts back, "IDIOT!". then he rounds the bend and crashed into a pig....<---nice one,hahaha!!
  5. two tourist are driving through Wales. they decided to stop for a bite to eat in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (madefaka..this is the real name place). baffled by the name, one of them turns to a local and ask, "would you please say where we are- very slowly", the Welshmen leans over and says very slowly, "burr-gerr-kinngg."

laughter is the best medicine, harharhar!