Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sony NEX-F3 Adapter

(A-mount to E-mount Adapter)

I bought for my wife a Sony Nex-F3, easier for her trip with Nur Iman, no need to bring those bulky DSLR with gigantic lenses. I got those for only RM16xx at bukit bintang plaza with normal kit lens. inside, you've got one of the best APS-C sensors on the market now (use by other brands also etc: nikon,pentax,fuji)

since i've got several lenses form my A-mount, I just need an adapter to use it with the Nex camera, the are a lot of adapter where you can choose, any mount but most of them without any 'chips' so you have to manually focus and manual metering. I bought it online for RM90, just a plain normal close up adapter, I have to manually set the aperture (stick something to the aperture lever behind the lens) and manual focus.

(Tamron 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5)

manual focus?! soooo00 1921...! but hey, you should try it! yes it is slower than normal auto focus, and you'll get out-focus most of the times, you can manage your focus point ANYWHERE inside your screen! you don't have to select the focus point on your camera dials, you're free to focus the person in the back or vice versa, it's you who choose the points! oh, further more, the Nex have a peaking function where manual focus becomes easier!

(Sony 50mm F/1.4)

using the 50mm is a winner here! you'll get the huge depth of field, good for portraiture, 50mm F/5.6 is not as creeeeeaaaamy as 50mm F/1.4, hehehe.. 

(Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8)

sony also just announce the new 35mm f/1.8 and 10-18 f/4.0, just what i wanted! need to get approval from the treasurer, lol! but this suppose to be my wife's camera?!! why am I getting so excited?! she doesn't any mannnnual focus lens, she doesn't want to change lenses between portraiture and landscape! 

(Sony 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6)

just stick with the kit lens then....sob!sob!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Platform Manning

(You guys are strong, even without me..)

OH, memang penat..penat badan, penat akal..when you are the only one mechanic available on a platform which is about your age, are still trainee, tidak ke sakit namanya?hehhee..they didn't care if your a new or not, diorang xnak dengar tangisan/rayuan dari kau, they just want the job finished! memandangkan my colleague tak sihat baru ni, so i took the job as the chief khadam  kat Semangkok, hahah!

(Someday, you'll be a good swimmer Nur Iman..)

Last trip aku agak sesak sikit, seorang as a mechanical, seorang as a site safety guys, have to go to satellite lagi, anak xsihat lagi, huuuuh! in the morning, aku kene conduct morning meeting with all the person onboard, minggu ni saja aku kene conduct 2 safety meeting untuk both crew! then aku kene conduct 1 fire drill lagi! 

dan untuk mechanical side pulak, 2kali platform shutdown sebab ribut kuat, 2 kali turbine generator merajuk xnak start balik lepas shutdown, malam buta plak tu..semangkok B air compressor dia ada buhat hal plak. mula2 aku rasa nak menangis pun ada jugak, sebab supervisor aku plak baru je 2-3 masuk, orang dari platform baru, so dia pun sedang cari rentak/get-to-know platform baru ni, syukurlah semua tu settle..

form last trip also aku experience the importance of so called-politics during working, hehehe..nak popular?nak tegas?popular among contractors/supervisors/crew members?jijik pun ada, tapi that's life..

(HDR painting)

fuuuhh..itu macam aku kena p vacation la setiap kali balik kerja ni, hehehe..

(Panoramic view)
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Time With My Daughter

(Nur Iman Mohd Danial)

Mumy ada kelas sampai 7pm arini, maybe xbalik rumah sebab esok ada kelas lagi 8am, so Iman boleh main dengan atok & oni kat rumah ni, kalau dekat melawati bole dera atok & opah. pagi ni Iman bangun awal mcm biasa, atok ajak pergi pasar!

(Iman: fiiiiiiish!)

("saya juaiii bang!")

(kegemaran iman, masak dengan butter..)

(Anak itu anugerah/rezeki)

kadang-kala, respect towards you faded..even tough they know who you are, be patient, keep on improving, they didn't respect you because of your attitude..think of your love ones, they need your support.  
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